Har du en opgørelse som giver overblik over jeres netværksstorage? Eller et klart billede af hvor meget plads der skal allokeres til backups?

Hvad med en skabelon til din DR (Disaster Recovery) plan?

Mikla IT partner Unitrends tilbyder gratis løsninger til ovenstående i en række værktøjer til netværksadministratorer. Her er korte opsummeringer og links til de fem værktøjer:

Cloudbursting. Migration. DRaaS. Whether you want to protect or migrate your data, or work in the cloud and out, Boomerang is the perfect solution. Get your free trial and one free VM forever. Go To Free Tool

Backup Capacity
Enables you to capture a complete snapshot in time of all your files across all the devices in your data center -- ideal for System Administrators who need file-level information to plan, construct, and schedule their backups. Get Free Tool

Storage Inventory
Displays your entire storage inventory for a single point in time with dozens of easy to understand reports rendered in PowerPoint to help you show at a glance the state of your storage environment. Get Free Tool

Free online service tool that helps you build and customize your own business continuity/DR plan so you can confidently respond to an outage or disaster and recovery your business services quickly and efficiently. Go To Free Tool

RTA Calculator (RTA)
Automatically calculate how long it will take you to recover your critical virtual machines and their applications. Get Free Tool