Mikla IT Unitrends partner

Unitrends nye CEO Kevin Weiss gav for nylig et interview med techtarget.com, hvor han forklarede backupgigantens strategi og nye fokus:

"... there's a big opportunity down there for us to embed cloud in everything we do and come up with premium solutions for smaller companies who are looking for robust solutions that are simple to use.

Where do you see the cloud playing in backup? Will it be used mainly by smaller companies, or will we see large companies using cloud for their backups?

Weiss: Certain applications will find their way into public clouds, but I think large companies will mostly use private clouds. With midmarket and small companies, the mantra for us has to be "everything cloud.""

Mikla IT er Unitrends partner og ser frem til at få flere virksomheder over på solide cloud backupløsninger.